Free Home Delivery

Important changes to our business!

With the global concerns of COVID-19 we are doing our best to be responsible members of our community by maintaining social distancing, sanitizing all surfaces every two hours, washing our hands and asking our staff and customers to stay home if you are feeling unwell. Please read all the information below to stay up to date!

1. We can no longer refill a customer’s personal container. For the time being, we are asking you to keep your personal bottles and containers at home in order to comply with new regulations from Vancouver Island Health. To maintain a refillable system of reusable packaging, and reduce single use packaging going to landfill,  we have created a deposit system for standardized glass bottles and jars. Liquids will be offered in a variety sizes of pre-filled glass bottles with a deposit of $1.50 to $3. When you bring these bottles back for your next purchase, your deposit will be refunded, the bottles cleaned, sanitized, dried and refilled again for the future customers. Dry goods are currently being offered in recyclable and fully compostable paper bags.

2. You can now place an order online, or by phone to be picked up curb side, in front of our shop or free delivery to your front door on order of $35 or higher. Customers will not be allowed to enter the store. We ask that you knock on the door to let us know you have arrive, then step back a distance of 6 feet or 2 meters so that we can open the door and place your purchases outside and close the door again to allow you to collect them and still observe social distancing. 

As always, we appreciate your patience during this unusual times.