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Composting for Small Spaces

Composting for Indoors & Small Spaces

An introduction to composting even in apartments, basement suites and other limited space homes.

Thursday, September 19th. 7:00pm – 9:00pm in shop at 1319 Broad Street.

Have you always wanted to turn your kitchen scraps and left overs into rich healthy soil amendments, while keeping them out of the land fill, but thought you needed a big yard and lots of space to compost? You don’t! You CAN compost at home, even without a yard!

This workshop is geared to those seeking to reduce their waste who live in small spaces without backyards such as condos, apartments and basement suits. Topics covered include starting up, maintaining and trouble-shooting a worm bin compost system. Discussion on other small space composting systems and the many benifits of composting at home. Presented by Kayla Siefried, Site Manager and Community Education Coordinator of the Victoria Compost Education Centre.
Participants will also enjoy a 10% discount off store purchases made the evening of the workshop.
Tickets are $15 per person and can be purchased in store or on line by visiting Eventbrite.